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KidRunner™ RUN & SKI Bundle

KidRunner™ RUN & SKI Bundle

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Welcome to the highest performing, interchangeable multisport RUN and SKI solution. 

KidRunner RUN™, ranked a top 10 best running stroller by Runner's World Magazine, Forbes and others has combined the best of RUN and the best of SKI in a single, high performance RUN/SKI bundle. Easily switch back and forth between hands free, natural form running and Nordic Skate and Classic Skiing. From the beginning, our dream has been the only multi-sport performance solution for families. And we can't wait to share the new RUN/SKI bundle with you. 

KidRunner RUN™ Details (SHIPPING NOW)

  • Child Weight and Size: We recommend co-pilots from 6 months to 5 years old.
  • Product Weight: Extremely lightweight at less than 22 lbs.
  • Terrain: Multi-terrain running on trails, gravel, beaches, roads.... and now snow!
  • Safety: 3 US patents, advanced composite materials and 5-point child harness.
  • Comfort: Natural, hands/arms free running and comfortable, ergonomic/lightweight waist harness.
  • Easy: Folding cockpit, quick release accessories and accommodates parent runners from under 5 feet to over 6 feet.


  • Lightest SKI product on the market at < 20 lbs.
  • Unique and patented full Nordic body motion waist harness
  • Center-engineered connection that enables complete pole swing
  • Adjustable width, independent suspension cockpit skis for multi-terrain control
  • Fully integrates with the award winning KidRunner RUN solution

SKI Pre-Order Promises and Terms -

All pre-orders will be 100% refundable until customer delivery date. Upon delivery, we will extend our same 2 week, fully refundable money back promise minus the cost of US shipping. Full warranty and return terms are available on the, 'Return & Refunds' section of the website.

For Hawaii and Alaska, we extend a $50.00 shipping credit to the UPS Ground/Air cost of the shipment.

Performance Features

Ultra-lightweight < 20 lbs.

Easy on/off bike connection to almost any bike.

Both direction, 360 degree turning-radius

Urban and multiterrain capable

Super safe, structurally engineered aluminum tube frame cockpit and five point seat harness

Integrated reflective logos and bright, orange safety colors with included, rechargeable LED safety light.

Our Promise

KidRunner Multisport rigorously tests its materials and performance.

We proudly offer a SIX MONTH WARRANTY against defects in materials and craftsmanship. 

We will replace free of charge including shipping any material or craftsmanship defect in part(s). The warranty does not cover: 

  • Improper use or misuse of the product
  • Damaged caused by or resulting from normal wear and tear, abuse, etc. 

View our complete Terms of service.

Safety and Maintenance

We are parents. We are athletes. We care about safety. KidRunner is designed, engineered and tested for durability, stability, passenger safety and performance. We comply with applicable ASTM standards and other 3rd party testing agencies. Because KidRunner is unique, not all safety standards accommodate aspects of KidRunner's design, specifically the materiality and interconnections of the composite parts. Those sub materials and hardware are tested independently for strength and durability including by the source manufacturers of those parts. View Complete Safety and Maintenance.

Pre order Details

All pre-orders will be 100% refundable until customer delivery date. Upon delivery, we will extend our same 2 week, fully refundable money back promise minus the cost of US shipping. Full warranty and return terms are available on the, 'Return & Refunds' section of the website. 


Existing Customer?

Looking for an add on conversion kit for your existing RUN, BIKE or SKI unit? Shop all Conversion Kits & Accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kyle Watson (Lehi, US)
Running and skiing with my baby!!!

This chariot, with the single pivot connector is hands down the best way to share your love of running and skiing with your little ones! I have always loved skiing and running but being able to share it with my daughter is priceless, thank you KidRunner!!!

Thanks, Kyle and your co-pilot! It's been really fun watching you two get after it with your new KidRunner Multisport, RUN + SKI. You both embody why worked so hard to make this possible. We wanted to keep doing what we love but we wanted to do it together with our kids. Thanks for being part of it with us!

Kally (Saint Paul, US)
Kid loves it, great exercise for me.

Unfortunately where I live snow conditions are terrible this year. So we were only able to go out once with the kidrunner ski so far. It was very easy to switch from run to ski. The replacement plastic windshield is a great improvement from the one my kidrunner came with. The one time we went out it was great fun! My son is only one and isn't too heavy yet but going up hills was still a good challenge! My husband and I took turns towing him since neither of us are great skiers. Hopefully we will be able to go back out this season.

Kally: Thanks for being part of our KidRunner SKI launch!

Andrew Brown (Minneapolis, US)
Best Kid Pulk Out There

I've skied with the older 1.0 ski kit and the 2.0 has further improved on it. Super light, easy to transport, feels natural to ski with, and handles downhills and corners like it's on rails. Highly recommend!

Andrew: Thanks for being on the KidRunner Nordic journey with us! We worked hard to continue innovating and we really appreciate your feedback!

B.a.C.G. (Bend, US)
Best Nordic Ski Solution for Families

I love to exercise and be outside with my family. KidRunner Ski allows us
to enjoy time together and get in a great workout. KidRunner is the
lightest and highest-performing product on the market. With a single
connection point to the waist it allows you to ski without adjusting your
poling. We have traveled with our KidRunner to enjoy family ski trips to
SilverStar, Methow Valley, Sweeden, Vermont, Michigan and Wisconsin.
KidRunner allows us to continue adventuring and our active lifestyle with
our little one and show them the importance and joy of nature.

Karen Messenger (Canmore, CA)
The Dream Machine!!

The KidRunner SKI really made our winter! We enjoyed countless ski adventures as a family, and as a stay-at-home mom, I really made the most out of nap time by getting out and enjoying the trails.

Brian and Caitlin Gregg (Minneapolis, US)
Amazing Product

Enjoyed 50km with my 1 year old on the Birkie trail. This is my favorite baby product of all time.

Existing Customers

Thanks for being a part of the KidRunner family. Get more out of you KidRunner by purchasing BIKE™, SKI™ or RUN™ Conversion Kits and enjoy KidRunner year-round.