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Glidemachines, LLC DBA KidRunner

Your SIX MONTH Warranty - 

KidRunner rigorously tests its materials and performance. We proudly offer a SIX MONTH warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. We will replace free of charge including shipping any material or craftsmanship defect in part(s). The warranty does not cover: 

  • Improper use or misuse of the product
  • Damaged caused by or resulting from normal wear and tear, abuse, etc. 

Your Return Policy - 

We provide a full money back return policy within two weeks of your purcahse. KidRunner is designed, built and tested to be safe. KidRunner is sports equipment that enables you to run and walk naturally with your kid(s) within the normal range of conditions associated with those activities. 

  • Upon receipt of your KidRunner, please let us know if the carton or the product is damaged in anyway. We will work with you to make it right.
  • We accept returns and honor a 100% money back guarantee within 2 weeks of your KidRunner delivery minus the cost of return shipping.
  • Please contact us directly for all returns. We can help you process shipping labels and in some cases, extend our shipping discounts to you to lower your return costs.
  • When you receive your KidRunner, please keep your packaging material for at least the first week. We can only honor the 100% refund if your KidRunner is returned well packaged and within the same carton.
    • We consider, "well packaged" to be similar to the way it was packaged when you opened your carton.  This includes zip ties to secure the tires, forks and bow. Zip ties are available at any hardware store. If you are unable to procure zip ties please let us know and we can send some to you in the mail.
  • For damaged returns, we will do our best to honor as much of full value as possible but may deduct refund amounts according to product condition. Our goal will always be a full refund to you.
  • Please ensure that all of your KidRunner parts are included in the return carton. 

The purchaser and anybody using a KidRunner acknowledges and agrees that:

  • There may be risk of injury from any activities associated with physical fitness and KidRunner
  • They knowingly and freely assume the risk of using KidRunner 
  • They agree to release and hold harmless Glidemachines, LLC (DBA, KidRunner) from claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever which could result from using a KidRunner.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions. We are always available to work together to make your KidRunner experience a great one. 

Will W. 
KidRunner, Bend OR