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KidRunner RUN™

Hands Free Running Stroller

$674.95 USD

In Stock. Now Shipping!

KidRunner RUN™

KidRunner RUN™

Hands Free Running Stroller

$674.95 USD

In Stock. Now Shipping!


KidRunner is shipping FREE anywhere in the USA! 

Ranked a top 10 best running stroller by Runner's World Magazine, Forbes and others, KidRunner is the only high performance, hands free running stroller.  It is lightweight and versatile with a folding cockpit, integrated weather/sun cover, easy quick release accessories and multi-terrain ready! 

We're honored by our innovation awards, patents and race wins. Most of all, we love our customer stories about the joy of running with their kids. 



Child Weight and Size: We recommend co-pilots from 6 months to 5 years old. 

Product Weight: Extremely lightweight at less than 22 lbs. 

Terrain: Multi-terrain running on trails, gravel, beaches, roads....

Safety: 3 US patents, advanced composite materials and 5-point child harness.

Comfort: Natural, hands/arms free running and comfortable, ergonomic/lightweight waist harness. 

Easy: Folding cockpit, quick release accessories and accommodates parent runners from under 5 feet to over 6 feet.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 129 reviews
    Michelle (Stratford, CA)
    Changing the game for running with kids

    I absolutely LOVE my KidRunner! It is so lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. From my first run with it I knew it would get lots of use. Sure enough, I’ve been using it 5 days a week for the last month. It frees my hands so I can now take my other two kiddos in a double stroller too! I’m so grateful I found KidRunner- the customer service with Will is awesome, he’s super kind and I’m thrilled to have joined the KidRunner family. It’s perfect for my 1.5year old and my 4 year old. Even my 6 year old gets a turn! They love the views with the wide windows, and I love to see their comfort as they drift off to sleep! Thanks KidRunner for an awesome product for running parents!

    Danielle Rue (Troy, US)
    Thank you for creating this!

    Love mine!!! Just got it but excited for all the adventures

    Customer (Bowie, US)

    NexGen Cockpit Cover Replacement

    J.D. (Salt Lake City, US)
    Thankful to have my STRIDE back!

    I am so grateful for the kidRunner. I was just having the hardest time hitting my times, kept getting side stitches, just so awkward to run with a stroller. Now, I am cruising! I am so happy to be running like the old me, even with a baby and 3 dogs in tote!

    Martin (Anaheim, US)
    Made me Run!

    My son reminds me every day to go outside and run so he can ride in the KidRunner. While I run, he keeps yelling, "Faster! How can I say no, so I run!

    Blair Polychronopoulos (Maple Ridge, CA)
    School pick up runner

    My daughter started kindergarten and I was planning to run to pick her up. The kid runner has been great to get her home. She just sits back, enjoys a snack and yells 'Run, Mom, Run!' I wish I knew about the KidRunner sooner! Only comments are that it needs more storage pockets and the rain cover may not be enough in the West Coast rain days (tbd). Love the KidRunner!

    Damion Frye (New York, US)


    L.N. (Old Fort, US)

    My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. My daughter (2.5 yr old) HATES to ride in a stroller! From the moment I unpacked my kid runner she was in the cockpit ready to go! I literally had to assemble it with her inside the cockpit. My husband had to lift the cockpit so I could put the wheels on because she was so excited! Finally I can get some much needed exercise!

    A.S. (Laconia, US)
    Excellent Experience

    Great experience with the stroller. Filled such an important need for us and soooo much more comfortable than pushing a jogger. I can really keep my form with this. Also, we had a flat tire and they immediately replaced it without any questions. Very friendly and responsive.

    Aaron Weaver (Montclair, US)
    New Cockpit

    Much appreciated!!!!