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Welcome to KidRunner. We're honored to have you join our global community of parent runners and adventurers. Please download the Assembly and Tuning Guide and take a moment to watch the videos below. 


UPDATED TIRE PRESSURE GUIDANCE: Only inflate tires to max 25 PSI vs our original guidance of > 30 PSI. There is no impact on performance and the lower pressure improves innertube/tire durability. 



KidRunner is easy to assemble and maintain. We've created the following YouTube videos and Instagram links for detailed, "HOW TO" information. We will continue to up-date the content as customers provide feedback about what information they need and what works best. We always welcome that feedback from you.

Please don't hesitate to contact  us directly anytime about your KidRunner assembly and tuning. As performance sports equipment, you can expect a short and easy learning curve as you adjust your running expectations to performance running with your child. There are also always a few tricks we can share about optimizing performance tuning and maintenance.


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Safety & Maintenance: https://kidrunners.com/pages/safety


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Tips & Tricks - Fork Adjustments

Simple directions for tightening the top and bottom screws/bolts for the NexGen KidRunner FORK PLATE.