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Welcome to KidRunner! We've worked hard to make assembly, tuning and maitenance easy and we're always here to help if you need it. 
  • KidRunner is now a multisport platform combingin three sports around a universal cockpit and different kit parts. Here you'll find a combination of assembly and tuning info that applies to both RUN and SKI. BIKE will be available before deliveries.
  • Prior to using your KidRunner, regardless of which sport, take a look at all of these videos and instruction manuals. For example, the cockpit featurs are common to all KidRunners. Tightening the FORK PLATE screws is unique to RUN. 
  • For RUN and SKI, please download the Assembly and Tuning Guide and take a moment to watch the videos below. Note that the Wheel and SKI quick release axles are adjustable length. In most cases, you don't need to make any adjustment between RUN and SKI but sometimes there is a few millimeter difference between the wheel hub dimensions and the ski bracket hub dimensions. If you notice that; no problem. Just give the nut on the quick release a quarter/half turn to tighten. That guidance is included in the Assembly and Tuning Guide. 
  • For RUN, take a look at UPDATED TIRE PRESSURE GUIDANCE: Only inflate tires to max 25 PSI vs our original guidance of > 30 PSI. There is no impact on performance and the lower pressure improves innertube/tire durability.  


'Sweet Spot' Optimization for RUN

Safety & Maintenance:

 Tips & Tricks - Fork Adjustments
Simple directions for tightening the top and bottom screws/bolts for the NexGen KidRunner FORK PLATE.
KidRunner SKI Assembly

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Thanks for being a part of the KidRunner family. Get more out of you KidRunner by purchasing BIKE™, SKI™ or RUN™ Conversion Kits and enjoy KidRunner year-round.