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KidRunner is for parents who want to keep running and exploring with their kids.  It gives parent runners the freedom, high performance and great design to stay active. It's a new way of life. A new way to run. A new way to share. 

Share Freedom. Share Performance. Share Your World. 


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Biomechanically, we found it infinitely more natural and enjoyable than pushing even a top-of-the-line running stroller. Pulling weight versus pushing is beneficial for both your stride and your joints. And our little guy loves it because he can see us the whole time.

Chelsey MagnessGear Junkie

I tested a lot of strollers when I wrote a running stroller guide for Runner’s World when my son was born. They all had the same thing in common: pushing a weighted object that was clearly a separate part of your body. I got to test the Kid Runner on the trails in Boulder, and it was an entirely new concept. I got to pull my son and forget that I was doing so! Your arms are free and the Kid Runner moves with your body instead of against it. And, if you have a child that cries when you are out of sight, he or she gets to enjoy seeing you every step of the way. The Kid Runner has successfully changed the way we look at running strollers for the better.

Shanna BurnetteElite athlete, Oiselle Team Athlete

KidRunner is one of those once in a lifetime products that changes the way you think about running with kids. It no longer has to be a chore to run with your kids, it’s actually enjoyable to run with.

Max KingElite runner who won the bigfoot 10k with an early prototype of Kidrunner and his daughter Hazel while averaging a 5:22 mile

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