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KidRunner™ Multi-Sport

We're excited to announce the return of KidRunner SKI to the award winning KidRunner multisport platform. Pre orders for new SKI customers are available now and pre-orders for SKI kits for our existing RUN customers will be available soon. SKI will deliver in December, '23.

An ultra-light, hands-free jogging stroller and running trailer that gives you the freedom you want while running with the people you love. 


A Nordic ski solution designed to give Nordic Classic and Skate Skiers the freedom, comfort & motion they want for great skiing with their kids.


The heart of our design innovation to create a multi-sport solution that easily converts between KidRunner RUN and SKI.

"We love to run again" -

At KidRunner, we are inspired to create better ways for parents to stay active with their kids. Staying active creates well being and well being creates a better world. KidRunner's innovation is to make staying active with kids great. KidRunner is the only natural form, lightest weight, multi-terrain hands free running stroller. Move. Together.

Welcome to KidRunner SKI

The only high performing SKI trailer designed specifically for Nordic Skate and Classic Skiing with kids.


The setup let our testers run more naturally than with other models, freely swinging our arms instead of being tethered to a handlebar. Plus, the slim design slices through the wind.  Read More >>

I tested a lot of strollers when I wrote a running stroller guide for Runner’s World when my son was born. They all had the same thing in common: pushing a weighted object that was clearly a separate part of your body. Read More >>

Biomechanically, we found it infinitely more natural and enjoyable than pushing even a top-of-the-line running stroller. Pulling weight versus pushing is beneficial for both your stride and your joints. Read More >>