Love Being In Motion with your Kids -

Our dream as parents, designers and engineers was to love being in motion with our kids. We started by changing everything about the jogging stroller. Now, Bike and Nordic Skiing are around the corner! And we can't wait to share them. 

What makes KidRunner different?

KidRunner is the lightest, most efficient way to run with your kids. It's the only jogging stroller designed to give parents what sports science proves; that great running with fewer injuries requires your entire body generating natural form running. Only KidRunner does that. 

Shevlin park, Bend OR

loose sand, dirt, no problem for a KidRunner


The setup let our testers run more naturally than with other models, freely swinging our arms instead of being tethered to a handlebar. Plus, the slim design slices through the wind.  Read More >>

I tested a lot of strollers when I wrote a running stroller guide for Runner’s World when my son was born. They all had the same thing in common: pushing a weighted object that was clearly a separate part of your body. Read More >>

Biomechanically, we found it infinitely more natural and enjoyable than pushing even a top-of-the-line running stroller. Pulling weight versus pushing is beneficial for both your stride and your joints. Read More >>