KidRunner Safety and Maintenance Information - PLEASE READ

KidRunner RUN Safety and Maintenance Manual

We are parents. We are athletes. We care about safety. KidRunner is designed, engineered and tested for durability, stability, passenger safety and performance. We comply with applicable ASTM standards and other 3rd party testing agencies. Because KidRunner is unique, not all safety standards accommodate aspects of KidRunner's design, specifically the materiality and interconnections of the composite parts. Those sub materials and hardware are tested independently for strength and durability including by the source manufacturers of those parts. 

Performance sports equipment comes with inherent risks especially when used with small children. Before using your KidRunner, please read the following Safety and Maintenance Manual. We've included a QR code on the shipping carton and on the product itself for immediate reference from your smart phone. 

The BIKE manual will be available prior to shipping. 

If you ever encounter any problems with your KidRunner safety and maintenance, please contact us directly. It is our goal to always be available to help. 



KidRunner Nordic SKI Safety Information

Existing Customers

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