An Improbable Dream -

KidRunner makes running with kids great by using a radically different approach to design, technology and performance. 
We had to change the status quo of traditional kid strollers. KidRunner is now the world's only intentionally designed, hands/arms free, high performance, multi-terrain kid jogger.  We knew KidRunner had to be hands and arms free because that’s the way humans are designed to run.  We wanted it to be multi-terrain so we could share the places we love with our kids. And we knew it had to be safe and beautiful because we were the first parents to use it.  We have three US Patents and several innovation awards. But none of those is as thrilling as running with a KidRunner. 

Our intuition about bio-mechanic efficiency and using our entire bodies to run is now proven by science. But it’s the parent runners and adventurers doing the impossible that make the technology real; winning races, breaking records and exploring new places with their kids.

KidRunner proves what’s possible when passion, new ideas, technology and design converge. When we challenge ourselves. That’s why KidRunner did more than reinvent the kid jogger. We reinvented what’s possible for parents; the joy of feeling alive by doing the things you love to do; run, train, explore, win or simply be together.

KidRunner. Together.