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Our dream as active parents was to stay connected to the things we loved before having kids; community, fitness, adventure and new experiences. Running had been a central part of our lives for years. When we had our first daughter, we immediately realized that traditional push strollers weren't made for running. We knew we couldn't be alone and we knew there had to be a better way. KidRunner was born. 

We knew that the only great way to run with kids was the same way you run alone; free upper body, comfort, multi-terrain and safe. After years of R&D, innovative design and material solutions and 3 US Patents, KidRunner is now the world's only natural running form, multi-terrain stroller. And parent runners all over the world are doing incredible things from simply staying fit to world records. 

KidRunner shows what's possible when passion, new ideas, technology and design converge. That’s why KidRunner did more than reinvent the running stroller. It reinvented what’s possible for parents who want to stay in motion with their kids. 

Move. Together. 


Will Warne


Bend, OR