Running changed my life. 

I was traveling millions of miles designing business solutions for some of the world’s biggest companies. I loved it but was wearing down. A mentor told me to start running. I hated it. But I kept going. Eventually, running became the anchor of my mental and physical well being.

Then I had my first daughter, Harper. I loved her more than anything and I wanted to be able to run with her. I bought the best running stroller and immediately knew that pushing was awkward, injury prone and had very limited terrain access. I drew a picture of KidRunner on a scrap of paper that same day. I partnered with a world class industrial designer, a biomedical engineer and dozens of other talented and generous stakeholders. We were told, “impossible”, “crazy”, “weird” and, “never going to happen”...including by a few Sharks on Shark Tank. Now KidRunner is the best ranked running stroller in its category, a world record holder and enjoyed by parents all over the world. 

Our biggest rewards are the customers who tell us that KidRunner keeps them in motion with the people they love. 

That’s why we do it.

Will Warne

Bend, OR

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Existing Customers

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