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SKI™ Conversion Kit
Kyle Watson (Lehi, US)
Running and skiing with my baby!!!

This chariot, with the single pivot connector is hands down the best way to share your love of running and skiing with your little ones! I have always loved skiing and running but being able to share it with my daughter is priceless, thank you KidRunner!!!

Thanks, Kyle and your co-pilot! It's been really fun watching you two get after it with your new KidRunner Multisport, RUN + SKI. You both embody why worked so hard to make this possible. We wanted to keep doing what we love but we wanted to do it together with our kids. Thanks for being part of it with us!

SKI™ Conversion Kit
Kally (Saint Paul, US)
Kid loves it, great exercise for me.

Unfortunately where I live snow conditions are terrible this year. So we were only able to go out once with the kidrunner ski so far. It was very easy to switch from run to ski. The replacement plastic windshield is a great improvement from the one my kidrunner came with. The one time we went out it was great fun! My son is only one and isn't too heavy yet but going up hills was still a good challenge! My husband and I took turns towing him since neither of us are great skiers. Hopefully we will be able to go back out this season.

Kally: Thanks for being part of our KidRunner SKI launch!

SKI™ Conversion Kit
Andrew Brown (Minneapolis, US)
Best Kid Pulk Out There

I've skied with the older 1.0 ski kit and the 2.0 has further improved on it. Super light, easy to transport, feels natural to ski with, and handles downhills and corners like it's on rails. Highly recommend!

Andrew: Thanks for being on the KidRunner Nordic journey with us! We worked hard to continue innovating and we really appreciate your feedback!

KidRunner RUN™
Cristian Orozco

I will run 442 km for 9 days in Colombia, on December 9, I will take my Kid’runner in to the extreme use, I will run for the wounded people of the army, who lost their legs. At the moment I enjoy it. 🏃‍♂️ thanks

Cristian: We're watching your epic trip across Colombia! Good luck and we are cheering you on. We're always here to help so keep us posted if you need anything. Viva!

KidRunner RUN™
adam starling (Tallahassee, US)
Game Changer

What a great asset to running with your kid tagging along. I hate running with only one arm free and this certainly does the trick. The only changes I’d like to see are some adjustments for us tall folks (I’m 6’4”) and the option to open up the side windows or remove the cover exposing a caged seat. I think the air circulation could be better for hotter days especially here in Florida. Nonetheless, I love it!!!

KidRunner SKI™
B.a.C.G. (Bend, US)
Best Nordic Ski Solution for Families

I love to exercise and be outside with my family. KidRunner Ski allows us
to enjoy time together and get in a great workout. KidRunner is the
lightest and highest-performing product on the market. With a single
connection point to the waist it allows you to ski without adjusting your
poling. We have traveled with our KidRunner to enjoy family ski trips to
SilverStar, Methow Valley, Sweeden, Vermont, Michigan and Wisconsin.
KidRunner allows us to continue adventuring and our active lifestyle with
our little one and show them the importance and joy of nature.

KidRunner RUN™
Rammell C. Nwaokai (Richardson, US)
Rammell Nwaokai-Dallas Sports Recovery & Massage, PLLC

The KidRunner was purchased to provide our athletic clients/patients an additional option to their endurance training programs. We realized most runners and triathletes did not know about the capabilities of the KidRunner. It provides hands free running and limits overuse injuries of the shoulder and scapula, it assists with running gait modifications, and improving runners ground reaction contact times much like a speed treadmill can. We highly recommend the KidRunner to our clients/patients seeking to continue an active lifestyle.

We love this feedback! You all have nailed why we worked so hard to reinvent stroller running. Pushing strollers causes injuries, bad running form and is really inefficient. For many new parents, pushing a stroller becomes the end of their running lives. Thanks for sharing your experience with others!

KidRunner RUN™
K.O. (Littleton, US)
Great Customer Service!

Our Kidrunner Gen1 got a bit of a battle scar on the cockpit cover recently. I reached out to Will and he was kind enough to look for a Gen1 cover for us even though they are no longer manufacturing the Gen1. He managed to find one for us and we are so thankful! We have had our kid runner since 2020 and used it with our then 1 year old. At 4 now he still goes for runs in it, and his little sister (9 months) has also recently taken her first ride in the Kidrunner. We will use this for many years to come. Such a smart product for parents who love to run.

KidRunner RUN™
Hunter Wedemeier
Very enjoyable! Ditch your traditional runner.

My wife bought this for me in preparation for our 2nd child's arrival (I believe she wanted me to run more with our two year old). I am a 30-35 mile per week runner and was curious how this would work. I am now six runs in (all 6 mile runs) and it has been great! Customer support (responded timely!) helped me get the runner set up correctly and now it glides very well. There are some hills in my area and I dread them every run because you do notice the increased weight, but have noticed that I am now much faster when I run without the stroller (10 seconds per mile faster so far without the kid runner). The product is well made and easy to break down. My copilot loves it. I talked it up before its arrival that it was a big girl stroller just for her and she loves it. Some suggestions: manage expectations with your copilot. I let my 2 year old know we have to run first, then we will stop at a playground on our run. Also, provide snacks, a book, and water for them to play with. The zippered front keeps everything in so you don't need to worry about them throwing anything out, great feature.
I love that this runner is slim! It fits on the narrow paths (pictured below) that neighbor some area roads. Just a great product I can't say enough about. Excited to let my copilot get even more blueberry and strawberry stains on the seat!

KidRunner RUN™
K.B. (Galveston, US)
Kidrunner is the best!

I was gifted a Kidrunner when my baby was around 8 months old. Prior I was using a running stroller for walks and runs with him. The Kidrunner was such a game changer for us! My husband and I both loved to use it and we love that it’s hands free! Our son also loved riding around in it which allowed us to get a good run in and for him to enjoy it! The Kidrunner has been such a blessing to us with our first baby. It has allowed us to take care of our mental health with running and being outside while also taking our baby along. We’ve created the best memories. Thanks so much for this amazing product and awesome customer service.

Thanks! It was great to connect with you on the phone and learn more about you, your family and your running. We appreciate the great review and keep us posted. We are always here to help. All the best, Will W. CEO/Founder

KidRunner RUN™
Filip Matijević (Zagreb, HR)

Product is fine but I think you should open some kind of store in Europe. The reason why I am writing that because in total cost for my KidRunner was actually 1300$. I had to pay shipping which I knew it was alot but then I also had to pay custom when it came to Croatia. Maybe in future you can avoid that by splitting the shipping cost from product because they calculated shipping too.
BR, Filip

Filip: Thanks for the great review and the encouragement to sell directly to our European customers. We agree! We're always looking for partners.

KidRunner RUN™
Michelle (Stratford, CA)
Changing the game for running with kids

I absolutely LOVE my KidRunner! It is so lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. From my first run with it I knew it would get lots of use. Sure enough, I’ve been using it 5 days a week for the last month. It frees my hands so I can now take my other two kiddos in a double stroller too! I’m so grateful I found KidRunner- the customer service with Will is awesome, he’s super kind and I’m thrilled to have joined the KidRunner family. It’s perfect for my 1.5year old and my 4 year old. Even my 6 year old gets a turn! They love the views with the wide windows, and I love to see their comfort as they drift off to sleep! Thanks KidRunner for an awesome product for running parents!

Thanks, Michelle! Your story makes everything we do and why we do it worth it.

KidRunner RUN™
Danielle Rue (Troy, US)
Thank you for creating this!

Love mine!!! Just got it but excited for all the adventures

KidRunner RUN™
Customer (Bowie, US)

NexGen Cockpit Cover Replacement

KidRunner RUN™
J.D. (Salt Lake City, US)
Thankful to have my STRIDE back!

I am so grateful for the kidRunner. I was just having the hardest time hitting my times, kept getting side stitches, just so awkward to run with a stroller. Now, I am cruising! I am so happy to be running like the old me, even with a baby and 3 dogs in tote!

KidRunner RUN™

Great addition to our running family. Easy to use once you get the hang of setup/takedown. Still figuring out the best fit to prevent push back while running especially as a tall individual. Look forward to continuing to use it though.

KidRunner RUN™
Martin (Anaheim, US)
Made me Run!

My son reminds me every day to go outside and run so he can ride in the KidRunner. While I run, he keeps yelling, "Faster! How can I say no, so I run!

KidRunner RUN™
Blair Polychronopoulos (Maple Ridge, CA)
School pick up runner

My daughter started kindergarten and I was planning to run to pick her up. The kid runner has been great to get her home. She just sits back, enjoys a snack and yells 'Run, Mom, Run!' I wish I knew about the KidRunner sooner! Only comments are that it needs more storage pockets and the rain cover may not be enough in the West Coast rain days (tbd). Love the KidRunner!

KidRunner RUN™
Damion Frye (New York, US)


KidRunner RUN™
L.N. (Old Fort, US)

My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. My daughter (2.5 yr old) HATES to ride in a stroller! From the moment I unpacked my kid runner she was in the cockpit ready to go! I literally had to assemble it with her inside the cockpit. My husband had to lift the cockpit so I could put the wheels on because she was so excited! Finally I can get some much needed exercise!

KidRunner RUN™
A.S. (Laconia, US)
Excellent Experience

Great experience with the stroller. Filled such an important need for us and soooo much more comfortable than pushing a jogger. I can really keep my form with this. Also, we had a flat tire and they immediately replaced it without any questions. Very friendly and responsive.

NexGen Cockpit Cover Replacement
Thomas Payn (London, GB)
Awesome new cover

The new cover is a perfect fit, easy to install and takes away the small problem of the previous cover

KidRunner RUN™
Aaron Weaver (Montclair, US)
New Cockpit

Much appreciated!!!!

KidRunner RUN™
Sean Cook (New York, US)
NexGen Cockpit

Like that the raincover is removable - think that is a big win. Also like how it uses velcro to avoid doubling up on the zippers

KidRunner RUN™
Kristen Little (Portland, US)
Great new cockpit cover

The new cover is great—I love that the rain fly is removable and just velcroes into place (so it doesn’t risk ripping again at the seams like the first gen cockpit). It was easy to install and looks great. Thanks so much for sending it!