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What Bliss Looks Like -

What Bliss Looks Like -

This image of a parent and their co-pilot running together naturally along a beautiful river captivated and inspired us. In a single image, we see everything we've worked so hard to share with parents and families all over the world - The bliss of running. Being immersed in the outdoors. Feeling free. Sharing it with the people you love...your co-pilot. 

We always loved running; the bliss we felt after the hard earned first few miles of getting started. The sense that we were doing something good for ourselves and our community by investing a few minutes into wellbeing. We knew that after each run, we were likely a slightly better version of ourselves, at least for a moment...until we ran again. And we wanted to share all of that with our kids, our partners and our running communities. So we invented KidRunner. And images like this make all of the hard work feel worth it!

Your KidRunner Now Shipping Daily !

Your KidRunner Now Shipping Daily !

It's been a long wait, a crazy supply chain and no shortage of unexpected network constraints. But the wait has been worth it because we are now shipping KidRunners daily to new customers all over the world! Average delivery lead times are 3-7 days for US Domestic orders and 7-10 days for international orders. 

The newest KidRunner is our most innovative and versatile yet with a folding cockpit, tons of storage and an integrated weather/sun cover. Our customers and their co-pilots are racking up miles, races and adventures and we love their stories, images and videos! We also appreciate the great reviews. 

Launching this next generation KidRunner was not easy in a pandemic and a global supply chain melt down. But every day we are inspired by our customers and they are making all of the challenges worth it! 

KidRunner and I - A tale of one man's 1,800 walk for freedom

KidRunner and I - A tale of one man's 1,800 walk for freedom

The following are the words of Martin Lonergan. He and his family approached us about helping him achieve his goal of walking from Houston, TX to Washington DC to raise awareness for a friend of his who he believes is  unjustly held in a foreign prison. 

Our goal as parent runners, inventors and entrepreneurs has always been about freedom. Freedom is one of those words that means something different to everybody. But we all know what it means to ourselves. This is Martin's story about using KidRunner to help a friend achieve his freedom. 


I am preparing to leave Washington DC after my epic 1800-mile Walk2Justice across 9 American states, from Houston, Texas, to the Capitol Building.  I battled through Hurricane Nicholas, floods, and a tornado.  It was a grueling journey, where I suffered a snake bite, loss of vision in an eye (temporary, fortunately), along with countless blisters and pain—averaging at least a marathon every day to complete the journey in just over two months without rest or respite.

 Throughout the journey, I had but one companion, my Kidrunner.  My Kidrunner bore the burden of my load and followed me relentlessly wherever I went, without complaint.  We had a few moments between us and far too many punctures, but none of it was the fault of my Kidrunner.  The little fellow carried almost three times his designed payload, sometimes over 30 kilos, and never once faltered.   

 I averaged 8-10 hours a day on the American highways and country backroads. The terrain was challenging and relentless, uphill and down dale.  Still, on and on, the little fellow went doggedly behind me.  It was a test far beyond the design criteria and way beyond what any small child as a passenger should or could endure, but never once did my companion let me down.

 Pound for pound, or kilo for kilo the weight carrying capacity of the Kidrunner, with its excellent design features and carbon fiber towing bar, I doubt there is anything out there in the market to compare. I was surprised how well my rucksack harness adapted to fit the structure of the Kidrunner, and the balance and weight carrying was perfect.   I was able to go further for longer only because of my following trusty friend


The Kidrunner is an excellent companion for anyone hitting the trail, and I am sure that the makers of Kidrunner should look at some synergy with one of the large hiking equipment manufacturers, like Berghaus or North Face.  My rucksack is a Berghaus seventy litre BioFlex model, but I can quickly see how compatible the frame is with any good rucksack.  

 I shared many adventures on my journey across America with my Kidrunner, and I became very attached to the little fellow in every sense of the word.  The towing harness was comfortable and never caused me any irritation, even in the harshest of weather.  So it is with great pity that we must part, but I leave him with my friend Nasir, whose wife runs a daycare centre in Mount Vernon.  I hope in retirement that my little buddy can enjoy carrying some of the little kiddies around and do the job he was born for, as he has earned his retirement.