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Moms Talk Shop -

Moms Talk Shop -

We invented KidRunner to create new opportunities for parents to enjoy physical activity with their kids. Physical activity is key to well being. Becoming a new parent challenges nearly every assumption you had about what's possible as an active person and athlete. Then comes a pandemic! 

IG Live: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0k0bRHeBc/

Now, dozens of KidRunner families are confronted with challenges that they never imagined. In this, our first Instagram Live experiment, two KidRunner moms, "Talk Shop" about what it's like navigating the current world of homeschool, jobs and their love of running and family. We loved the honesty, humor and self deprecation of two moms trying to make it work! 

Sarah Mac and Lyndy Davis, two USA Olympic Trials Marathoners exclusively use KidRunner when running with their kids. 

Look for more Instagram Live conversations about parenting, running and making it all work! 

We Get a Lot of Crazy Emails -

We Get a Lot of Crazy Emails -

When you innovate the best solution for performance/multi terrain running with a child or gear, you get a lot of crazy emails about using KidRunner for unlikely adventures. We're always inspired by the ambition but we're not always convinced the person has given the road ahead enough consideration. Thousands of miles look short on a map. They're anything but short when you're running them. 

But sometimes, we connect with somebody so focused on their goal, so experienced with the challenges and so determined to succeed that we listen more closely. That was the case with Jan-Caspar who used a KidRunner to run unsupported from Canada to South America. And now, Ultra Adventurer and 5-time World Record Holder, Jonas Deichmann.  We are super excited to announce our partnership with Jonas to support the world's first around the world, triathlon. Jonas will use his KidRunner for the last leg of his journey running across North America in 2021. 

We first connected voice to voice with Jonas while he was on a warm up run/bike from Germany to Scandinavia; he wasn't even breathing hard! He plans to swim across the Mediterranean, cycle across Eurasia and run across North America. He will be followed by a documentary film crew and we will connect him with KidRunner parents in North America who want to run a portion of the journey...or maybe just share a cold drink along the way. 

As inventors, we believe in dreaming big. It's why KidRunner exists. As global citizens, we believe in the value of pushing boundaries, exploration and making human connections along the way. We heard those same goals expressed by Jonas. And that's how his, "crazy email" became another exciting KidRunner partnership. 

Over the next several months, look for more information about Jonas's incredible journey. You'll be able to follow it on Social Media and other channels. 

Our KidRunner Parents Inspire Us -

Our KidRunner Parents Inspire Us -

We feel tremendous gratitude for the KidRunner Community that inspires us and others everyday. They run, race and challenge themselves to keep doing the things they love; even when it's harder than ever. These photo say it all. 

Yes, we are in challenging times. We are parents, too. We're trying to figure out day care, home school and new ways to stay close to the people we love. And like every other challenge in our lives, staying active has been essential to our shared sense of well being. Photos like these remind us that none of us is ever alone. 

KidRunner has crossed more finish lines in the last 12 months than ever before. It's won every, "stroller" category and in many cases, flat out wins the race regardless of category. I've been lucky enough to join some of our parents on races. I've taken secret pride when I see the surprised faces of people being passed by a flying mom or dad with a KidRunner. 

Twelve days after the nationwide lock downs, KidRunner sold out of our last inventory. We're using the time to unscramble our supply chain and get ready to launch the NexGen KidRunner in early Spring, '21. There will always be challenges. We're happy to be part of overcoming them with you.