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New Possibilities - KidRunner Parents Lead the Way

New Possibilities - KidRunner Parents Lead the Way

People are amazing. We can do almost anything that we set our sights on. At KidRunner, we set our sights on making performance sports equipment for parents. KidRunner parents set their sights on everything from running for the first time to qualifying for the Olympic Trials. Several KidRunner adventurers are on epic treks using their KidRunners to run from Canada to South America, across Ireland, the UK and more. 

KidRunner Ambassador, Gabe Rosas and family embody all of it; goals, commitment, personal bests and sharing it all with friends, family and the Texas running community. Gabe set out to change the way he eats, the way he exercises and the way he spends time with his kids so he could balance all of it. Together. 

Our goals at KidRunner are to create new opportunities for people to achieve whatever they set their sights on. For Gabe, KidRunner is part of a new lifestyle that includes diet, demanding endurance Spartan races and making it all happen with a busy job, kids and his wonderful wife. In fact, we often ask Gabe if he'll become our official KidRunner chef or maybe write a KidRunner cook book....! 

How did KidRunner become part of this incredible story? By being the highest performing, most versatile sports equipment designed specifically for parents who want to run naturally. Anywhere. As parents, there are no shortages of reasons why staying in shape or achieving new goals is harder. The sports equipment we buy should help eliminate barriers; not create new ones. Traditional jogging strollers are heavy, awkward, injury prone and at least 25% harder to run with. Add your kids' diapers, nap time and growing body weight, and only KidRunner can keeps you running great. Naturally. 

Gabe and family are one of a team of KidRunner ambassadors in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. Each one became an ambassador by inspiring us with their stories, their goals and their dreams to expand their new lives with kids. 

Set new goals. Explore new worlds. Cross new finish lines. Together. If you are wondering, "Can I keep loving to run as a parent?". Take a look at what KidRunner parents all over the world are saying and doing. 

"Mom, when are we running again?" - AMBER's STORY

"Mom, when are we running again?" - AMBER's STORY
Team | KidRunner ambassador, Amber Williamson generously shares her story of parenting, fitness and courage. It is experiences like Amber's that inspired us to invent a completely new and better jogging stroller. 
"Fitness has always been really important to us from dancing and cheering in school to going to the gym as young adults but it got a lot more serious after our dad died from a heart attack at the age of 50. We knew we needed to get more serious about working out and eating healthy. 
It wasn’t going to be easy being a single mom to boys one being medically fragile. So we did what any person would do. We got accountability. We signed up for a fitness competition 7 months out. We worked really hard and ended up taking 4th and 5th place. We thought this was the first of many but after that competition Ben (the medically fragile son) had a really bad seizure and seizure became more frequent. It was harder to find a gym that was able to meet his needs. We weren’t going to let this stop us. We started to look into workouts we could do with the boys. Running kept coming up but we weren't runners. Finally we gave in and started running. Once again we needed accountability so we signed up for a race. One of the first races I wanted to stop so bad but that day was a really hard day for Ben. He ended up seizing longer than the race was going to be. It was all the motivation I needed. 
Running with the boys is something I really looked forward to. Knowing Ben was fighting so hard made me want to work harder; doing more each run. When we ran Ben would laugh out loud his smile in the wind is just amazing. I would have to bribe the other son, Bentley. He didn’t like it at all. He hated not being able to see me in the stroller and it was really hard for him to hear me. He would end up crying telling me to stop yelling at him. I was only yelling so he could hear me. I would end up leaving him with my mom so I could go running because it wasn’t worth the fight. 
I ended up at a race and saw the KidRunner. I knew I needed one. I wanted to try it and knew it could be the the answer I was looking for. The first time I was able to get him in a KidRunner to try it out he wasn’t having it. I got so discouraged. After sitting next to it for 10 minutes he finally wanted to go in. After he got in he loved it. I couldn’t get him out. It went from me bribing him to go running with me, to him asking me when we are running again. 
He was so much more comfortable being able to see me. We could talk during our run without yelling. I didn’t realize how much he wanted to talk during runs until we could talk without yelling. For this I really love the KidRunner. I could workout with the boys and everyone was happy, but I got a whole new appreciation for the KidRunner when I was running down a hill and ate the concrete. I was running in a race on a course I didn’t know. When I got up all I saw was the river. It took a minute to take it all in. If Bentley was in a stroller he would of ended up in the river. I’m so thankful he was in the KidRunner still sleeping he didn’t even know anything happen. When I was done with the race I got to hold him and didn’t let go."

An Invitation to Be Inspired -

An Invitation to Be Inspired -

KidRunner was created to give more Freedom and Adventure to people who want to discover new possibilities for themselves, their families and their communities. Now parents all over the world are calling KidRunner a, "game changer" because they can do what they love the way they love to do it; great running and exploring.

Jan Caspar's incredible journey from Canada to South America with nothing but his KidRunner and 65 lbs of gear symbolizes our goals of Freedom and Adventure. 


We invite everybody, whether you are a KidRunner runner or not, to follow and support Jan Caspar's journey. Jan Caspar is a 7 time Iron Man who is using his goodwill, deep intention and endurance to explore the outer limits of what's possible as a human and as an athlete. His blog posts are informative and beautiful. Many of them are metaphors for how to approach life in general. He only asks from himself on this journey. 

You can follow Jan Caspar via: 

Instagram - jcloo21 #BEYONDAPPARENT

For those of you interested in KidRunner's design, performance, durability and versatility, we invite you to consider some of the metrics of Jan Caspar's KidRunner demands - 

  • 65 + lbs of camping/support gear
  • Dozens of miles run each day; sometimes more than a marathon per day! 
  • High bio-mechanical performance and comfort
  • All conditions and multi-terrain; roads, beaches, etc. 
  • Climbing and downhill (sometimes for miles!) 
  • Safety

Parent's ask us, "Is KidRunner durable?", "Is KidRunner safe?", "Can I run long distances with my kid and KidRunner?", "Is KidRunner comfortable?"....As designers, inventors and parent runners ourselves, our commitment since day one was to say, "YES!" to each of those questions. Jan Caspar and parents all over the world are sharing their own incredible answers!