Here Comes Winter and KidRunner SKI !

Here Comes Winter and KidRunner SKI !

We are having so much fun taking pre-orders and getting ready to deliver KidRunner SKI in December, '23. KidRunner SKI comes directly from the award winning, world record holding DNA of KidRunner RUN; designed from the start to make the sports you love great with kids. 

KidRunner Ski

 Like KidRunner RUN, we started by reinventing everything about the traditional ski pulk: 

  • Skiing is hard so we made KR SKI the lightest ski solution on the market; by far! 
  • Classic and Nordic demand specific bio mechanics for performance: 
    • Center connected waist harness 
    • Full pole swing
    • Full Upper body rotation
    • Long, smooth kick glide
    • Real skis; not plastic planks that just look like skis 

As parent skiiers, we've spent plenty of time at the base of a great day, struggling to assemble awkward, bulky ski trailers. We changed that too! KidRunner SKI is designed with parents, cold kids and gear juggling in mind: 

  • Super easy to assemble and unassemble / 100% aluminum quick release parts
  • Folding cockpit
  • Quick release, independent, 'suspension' skis
  • Integrated weather cover

And all of these features now integrate with KidRunner RUN; making KidRunner the only high performance multisport equipment solution for parents and kids. If you already have a KidRunner RUN, you can add the SKI KIT. If you're new to KidRunner, you can purchase either SKI or RUN on their own. 

If you love to Nordic Ski or wanted to start Nordic skiing with your kids, we think KidRunner SKI is the most exciting way to do it. We are currently offering limited time pre-order discounts and we're always available to answer questions.

We're excited about KidRunner SKI. Thanks to all of those folks already placing pre-orders and we're looking forward to Winter! 

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