KidRunner Multisport - BIKE Preorders now available!

KidRunner Multisport - BIKE Preorders now available!

The KidRunner Multisport - BIKE is available for pre-orders! BIKE is our next design breakthrough after world record RUN and our sold out SKI launch. BIKE continues our focus on innovation, safety and performance for parents who love being in motion with their kids. 

Key Features

Safety and Versatility: 

  • The KidRunner Multisport - BIKE introduces the industry's first multi-axis, shock-absorbing trailer hitch that easily connects to your bike seat post. We innovated the hitch in pursuit of world class safety, versatile performance and multiterrain capabilities.  It creates a smooth ride for your co-pilot, makes peddling easy including out of the saddle/up hill and enables complete 360 turning in any direction. There is no other BIKE trailer that does all of that. 

High Performance and Multiterrain: 

  • Engineered for agility, stability and multiterrain, KidRunner Multisport - BIKE is designed ease and joy. Its lightweight design (under 20 lbs) makes peddaling easy while the structurally engineered aluminum frame, five point harness and 
Multiterrain Mastery:
  • From hardpack trails to urban streets, the KidRunner BIKE trailer adapts seamlessly. Its figure-eight turning agility allows sharp, easy turns and we've integrated several key safety features like reflective panels, flag, five point harness and more. 

    Interchangeable with KidRunner RUN and SKI:

    • The KidRunner Multisport - BIKE is fully compatible with our other products. Easily switch between biking, running, and skiing 

    Pre-Order Now!

    • Limited launch preorders now available
    • Fall 2024 Deliveries
    Risk-Free Pre-Orders:
    • Your pre-order is fully refundable anytime before shipping.
    • After delivery, you have 2 weeks to test it out. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, return it for a refund.


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