As parents, entrepreneurs and innovators, our #1 goal is to create the best performing products for parents who love to be in motion with their kids. It's always a long, exciting journey to reinvent something from scratch. And our dream is that people will love it. 

This Winter, '24 we delivered our sold out KidRunner SKI trailer; the industry's only high performing, SKATE and CLASSIC SKI solution. Lightweight, center pivoting waistharness, easy quick release assembly and fully adjustable attachments make KidRunner SKI performance sports equipment instead of a compromise. 

Nothing we do at KidRunner would be possible without our great community of customers and partners. They work with us to define their product goals and we involve them in our design and testing process. Our Multisport launches including the new BIKE start with preorders. We appreciate that our customers have the confidence in us to preorder our solutions while we work our side of the committment with product updates, progress information and on time deliveries. 

Thank you everybody for helping make KidRunner SKI a huge success. 


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