An Epic Run for a Parkinson's Cure -

An Epic Run for a Parkinson's Cure -

We feel so grateful to be any part of making great things happen in the world. Stories like this are on the top of our list. 

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If you ever wonder what love looks like, watch this story from San Diego, CA. This husband first reached out to us with a request to learn more about how KidRunner could help him run, unsupported, across the US to raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease. First his father died of the disease and now his wife has been diagnosed. 

So what did Mark do when confronted with the sadness and challenge of these circumstances; what he does extreme run, for an extreme cause motivated by extreme love. 

You can follow Mark on Instagram @runmarkrun2024 and his website 

Go, Mark, go! We're all rooting you on! 


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