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Top Ten Reasons for Hands Free Running -

Top Ten Reasons for Hands Free Running -
  1. Balance: Using your arms helps maintain balance and stabilize your upper body while running.
  2. Efficiency: Incorporating your arms can increase efficiency by creating a coordinated movement between your upper and lower body.
  3. Forward propulsion: Proper arm swing helps propel you forward, reducing the workload of your legs.
  4. Speed: Engaging your arms while running can help increase speed and improve overall performance.
  5. Endurance: Using your arms can improve endurance by distributing effort across your upper and lower body.
  6. Posture: Arm swing can help improve posture, preventing slouching and reducing strain on your back.
  7. Oxygen intake: Active arm movement can help improve oxygen intake, which is important for stamina and energy during longer runs.
  8. Injury prevention: Proper arm swing can help reduce the risk of injury by reducing impact and strain on your legs.
  9. Mental focus: Engaging your arms can help maintain mental focus, reducing the chances of distractions and poor form.
  10. Full-body workout: Using your arms while running provides a full-body workout, engaging multiple muscle groups and improving overall fitness.


Ask ChatGPT for the research studies on the benefits of hands free running or see what our customers say at KidRunner Reviews

KidRunner Smiles and Miles -

KidRunner Smiles and Miles -

As innovators and inventors, we can share countless stats with you about what makes KidRunner's unique technology, design and materials outperform any other jogging stroller in the world. We can cite our Guinness World Record, our 3 US Patents, our US and European design awards, the countless miles run by families and the incredible adventures across continents by KidRunner ultra runners. We love sharing our five star reviews with people and we love the great stories, photos and videos we get from parents all over the world. 

But sometimes, it only takes a picture of some great smiles to tell an even bigger story. The story of doing what you love together with the people you love. That's why we invented KidRunner. 

A Source of Inspiration and Well-being -

A Source of Inspiration and Well-being -

If you are a lucky entrepreneur, you partner with a great team of people to invent a product that has a positive impact on people's lives. Our aim has always been to transform sport and fitness for parents by designing great equipment that makes doing what they love possible. It matters to us because we believe that doing what you love with the people you love is a source of timeless and inspirational well-being. 

Nobody demonstrates these founding KidRunner principles better than Michelle @myjourneyjusttolive. Michelle is a mother of 3 who is determined to stay vital for herself, her kids and her family while fighting incurable stage 4 cancer. That's right; incurable cancer with 3 young kids. When Michelle first reached out to KidRunner to learn if she could use it to pull one of her kids while she pushed the other two, we first doubted her, then we knew she was the real deal then we started crying out of inspiration for her journey. 

We were honored to welcome Michelle to the KidRunner community. We were thrilled when we got her first photos and videos running with her family. We were awestruck when some of those runs took place in brutal NE Canada winter weather! But apparently, nothing stops Michelle. 

Thanks to Michelle and the entire KidRunner community of parents and adventurers who have partnered with us to share stories about what's possible when innovation and passion converge to create life changing experiences.