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A KidRunner RUN + SKI Family Story - Brian and Caitlin Gregg

A KidRunner RUN + SKI Family Story - Brian and Caitlin Gregg

We want to thank KidRunner RUN and SKI friends, Brian and Caitlin Gregg. Since we first envisioned creating the best Nordic Ski solution for parents and kids, Brian and Caitlin have shared their enthusiasm for what we are doing and why. 

This week, we welcomed a partnership with one of Minneapolis's best Nordic Ski shops, PioneerMidWest. We are honored to meet their customers and share KidRunner with their community. 

The following is a letter Brian Gregg wrote for the PioneerMidWest community about his family's KidRunner story. Enjoy! 



The One Piece of Active Kid Equipment I bring everywhere KR RUN & SKI - 

When our daughter was born I dove deeply into the various active kid gear
available on the market. I either own or have used most of the different
devices out there. I have always enjoyed being outside and exercising, and
I was nervous about how that might change when we added a little one to our
team. Kidrunner is a solution for running and skiing and is my absolute
favorite. I have used a Bob and a Chariot for running but I love being
able to use my hands and not modify my stride. The Kid Runner is my go to
for Run an Ski. (I like the Shot Gun Bike for biking). We have run
multiple marathons for a sunday long run, but mostly it is a nice 1-1.5
hour evening run together as a family. After 4 years we are on our second
set of rubber tires.

KidRunner recently launched Kid Runner Ski 2.0. I have been skiing for the
last 4 years with KidRunner Ski 1.0, I love the product but it has required
a few modifications and it has been fun to work with KidRunner to put those
improvements into the 2.0 model. The cockpit is collapsable for easy
transport and the skis/wheels transition with a push button which is great
for transport and/or a quick transition. We have flown with our KidRunner
all over the world, as it checks in as a 'free' bag as a stroller with most
airlines. We bring our kidrunner with us everywhere since it allows us to
go out together without needing to track down a sitter. The opportunity to
play, ski and run together as a family is a major priority in my life and I
love that our daughter can see the importance of health and fitness in our
lives. She loves to listen to our conversations and join in to tell her
own stories. We are also big fans of listening to audiobooks.

Now that she is older we love to bring her skis along so that she can enjoy
some skiing on her own too. She also has a chance to ride in the KidRunner
if she gets tired. Papa and Mama need to get their workout in too. This
way we are not pushing her to be out longer that she wants to.

My KidRunner setup is the lightest stroller on the market at just under 20
pounds. I am also a fan of the single-point connection to the waist belt.
If you are looking for the best option available for Run and Ski, I
encourage you to invest in a KidRunner. KidRunner is offering a limited
time discount of 15% off of their pre-order with code *KR SKI*

2014 US Olympian



Here Comes Winter and KidRunner SKI !

Here Comes Winter and KidRunner SKI !

We are having so much fun taking pre-orders and getting ready to deliver KidRunner SKI in December, '23. KidRunner SKI comes directly from the award winning, world record holding DNA of KidRunner RUN; designed from the start to make the sports you love great with kids. 

KidRunner Ski

 Like KidRunner RUN, we started by reinventing everything about the traditional ski pulk: 

  • Skiing is hard so we made KR SKI the lightest ski solution on the market; by far! 
  • Classic and Nordic demand specific bio mechanics for performance: 
    • Center connected waist harness 
    • Full pole swing
    • Full Upper body rotation
    • Long, smooth kick glide
    • Real skis; not plastic planks that just look like skis 

As parent skiiers, we've spent plenty of time at the base of a great day, struggling to assemble awkward, bulky ski trailers. We changed that too! KidRunner SKI is designed with parents, cold kids and gear juggling in mind: 

  • Super easy to assemble and unassemble / 100% aluminum quick release parts
  • Folding cockpit
  • Quick release, independent, 'suspension' skis
  • Integrated weather cover

And all of these features now integrate with KidRunner RUN; making KidRunner the only high performance multisport equipment solution for parents and kids. If you already have a KidRunner RUN, you can add the SKI KIT. If you're new to KidRunner, you can purchase either SKI or RUN on their own. 

If you love to Nordic Ski or wanted to start Nordic skiing with your kids, we think KidRunner SKI is the most exciting way to do it. We are currently offering limited time pre-order discounts and we're always available to answer questions.

We're excited about KidRunner SKI. Thanks to all of those folks already placing pre-orders and we're looking forward to Winter! 

The Benefits of Hands Free Running with Kids -

The Benefits of Hands Free Running with Kids -

Imagine the best running experience with kids – where your stride feel effortless, your posture is natural, your running performance is great and you're doing it all with your kid. Welcome to the world of hands-free running with KidRunner, the award winning, world record holding innovation that is transforming the way parents move, exercise, and explore with kids.  

  • Effortless Movement: KidRunner's hands-free design is 30% more efficient than traditional push strollers. With its innovative harness system, our community of parent runners talk about KidRunner feeling like it is, "floating behind them". The design enables your natural biomechanics and allows you to move naturally while you run. Good form reduces injuries and adds miles.
  • Optimal Posture and Form: Maintaining proper posture while running is essential for preventing injuries and optimizing performance. KidRunner's patented BOW system enables an upright posture, reducing strain on your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Natural stride eliminates injuries associated with bad foot striking when pushing traditional strollers. By pulling from your center of gravity, it promotes a more balanced and aligned form. 



    • Connection and Bonding: KidRunner is a revolutionary way for parents to share their passion for running with their little ones. With its secure cockpit design, KidRunner offers a safe and enjoyable space for children to ride along. It's been shown that kids who retain visual connection with their kids are more calm and enjoy longer runs with their parents. More eye contact means more miles. Happily. 


    You no longer have to push a stroller to run. You can love running with kids. Only with  KidRunner.