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The Benefits of Hands Free Running with Kids -

The Benefits of Hands Free Running with Kids -

Imagine the best running experience with kids – where your stride feel effortless, your posture is natural, your running performance is great and you're doing it all with your kid. Welcome to the world of hands-free running with KidRunner, the award winning, world record holding innovation that is transforming the way parents move, exercise, and explore with kids.  

  • Effortless Movement: KidRunner's hands-free design is 30% more efficient than traditional push strollers. With its innovative harness system, our community of parent runners talk about KidRunner feeling like it is, "floating behind them". The design enables your natural biomechanics and allows you to move naturally while you run. Good form reduces injuries and adds miles.
  • Optimal Posture and Form: Maintaining proper posture while running is essential for preventing injuries and optimizing performance. KidRunner's patented BOW system enables an upright posture, reducing strain on your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Natural stride eliminates injuries associated with bad foot striking when pushing traditional strollers. By pulling from your center of gravity, it promotes a more balanced and aligned form. 



    • Connection and Bonding: KidRunner is a revolutionary way for parents to share their passion for running with their little ones. With its secure cockpit design, KidRunner offers a safe and enjoyable space for children to ride along. It's been shown that kids who retain visual connection with their kids are more calm and enjoy longer runs with their parents. More eye contact means more miles. Happily. 


    You no longer have to push a stroller to run. You can love running with kids. Only with  KidRunner. 

    3,000 Miles Across the US with his KidRunner -

    3,000 Miles Across the US with his KidRunner -

    We are so inspired by the incredible journey of Jonas Deichmann as he sets off on an epic adventure, running across the United States with the KidRunner after already having run across Mexico with a KidRunner. It's a story of determination, great attitude, technology, and pushing the limits.

    🌎 Jonas Deichmann is not your ordinary athlete – he's a five time world record holding adventurer, explorer, and trailblazer. With an insatiable thirst for challenges, Jonas has taken on some of the most audacious feats around the world. Now, he's running across the US with KidRunner after having already biked from NYC to Los Angeles. And he does all of it with grace, a sense of humor and community. 

    🏃‍♂️KidRunner is no ordinary running gear. It's a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows runners to pull their load effortlessly, maximizing efficiency and comfort. As Jonas hits the open roads, he's accompanied by this innovative technology, which enables him to cover more ground, push through the elements, and keep his focus on the journey ahead.

    Join the adventure on his social media channels and witness the breathtaking sights, the challenges overcome, and the stories that unfold along the way. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and amazed by this extraordinary accomplishment. And if your a KidRunner family, check to see if he runs through your town and join him. He loves company! 

    📸 Follow Jonas: Instagram: @Jonas_Deichmann and check out his life story at www.JonasDeichmann.com


    Top Ten Reasons for Hands Free Running

    Top Ten Reasons for Hands Free Running
    1. Balance: Using your arms helps maintain balance and stabilize your upper body while running.
    2. Efficiency: Incorporating your arms can increase efficiency by creating a coordinated movement between your upper and lower body.
    3. Forward propulsion: Proper arm swing helps propel you forward, reducing the workload of your legs.
    4. Speed: Engaging your arms while running can help increase speed and improve overall performance.
    5. Endurance: Using your arms can improve endurance by distributing effort across your upper and lower body.
    6. Posture: Arm swing can help improve posture, preventing slouching and reducing strain on your back.
    7. Oxygen intake: Active arm movement can help improve oxygen intake, which is important for stamina and energy during longer runs.
    8. Injury prevention: Proper arm swing can help reduce the risk of injury by reducing impact and strain on your legs.
    9. Mental focus: Engaging your arms can help maintain mental focus, reducing the chances of distractions and poor form.
    10. Full-body workout: Using your arms while running provides a full-body workout, engaging multiple muscle groups and improving overall fitness.


    Ask ChatGPT for the research studies on the benefits of hands free running or see what our customers say at KidRunner Reviews