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For the Love of Motion - We Believe

For the Love of Motion - We Believe

We believe that parents who loved to be in motion before they had kids want to stay in motion WITH their kids. The physical and emotional benefits of staying in motion are well documented by lots of science and lots of our own life experiences. And we believe that if KidRunner can make a contribution to our shared community by helping to balance the things we love with the other requirements of parenting, than we can make a dent in a better world. It inspires everything we do. 

But most new parents stop doing many of the athletic things they love and over 40% of new parent runners say they stop running after having kids citing heavy, awkward jogging strollers that make running harder, increase injuries and limit terrain access. Many try to keep running for about 3-6 months but finally stop, discouraged in part by how unpleasant it is to push a jogging stroller. By the time they try to rejoin running a few years later, many give up because regaining their fitness in addition to having to balance so many new roles as a parent is REALLY hard. KidRunner changes all of that. 

Most parents, like us before we invented KidRunner, have no idea about the limitations of even the, "best" running strollers until after they've bought one. How could you know? You've never had to run with a kid before! It's one of our most exciting opportunities to help parents know the difference between traditional running joggers and KidRunner before they already have their first jogging stroller. 

Now, parent runners all over the world are sharing stories, videos, races, new personal bests and new adventures with their KidRunners. Many of these experiences are the first time with kids. Anywhere! That's what we believed when we started out on this crazy, ambitious adventure; that being in motion was part of who we are as people. And that we'd always want to be in motion. And that we wanted to share that with our kids. And now, we get to share the love of motion with your kids. Together. 

The first time I ran with a jogging stroller, I went 10 feet and said, "No way! If I have to push this thing for 10 miles, I'll stop running. I'll stop enjoying family time together with my wife running. I'll lose the hard-fought fitness and love of running that I had worked so hard to earn. There HAS to be a better WAY!". There wasn't. So we started inventing KidRunner. And NOW there is a better way. 

Will Warne

Founder/Partner, KidRunner

Bend, OR





The Science and Joy of Natural Running with Kids -

The Science and Joy of Natural Running with Kids -

Running is a demanding, dynamic sport. To do it well and to avoid more injuries it takes your entire body including your hands and arms. It's the way humans are designed to run and it's why we invented KidRunner. And it's been proven by science. 

  • “As a physiotherapist I appreciate pulling vs pushing not only for comfort and enjoyment but also for injury prevention. There is no added stress on the upper body and it allows a more natural upright posture compared to the traditional push style running stroller. KidRunner is a no brainer if you want to run with your kid! Thanks KidRunner Team for revolutionizing staying active with our kids!” – M. D.

Geek Speak - It's All About Bio Mechanic Efficiency (BME) 

  • Great, injury free running at any level requires your full body, not just your legs. Try running without swinging your arms. That's the difference!
  • KidRunner generates at least 20% more bio-mechanic efficiency (BME) and is > 35% lighter than any other running jogger. At least 20% of your running performance comes from the ability to swing your arms freely and retain an up-right posture and a good, “foot strike”. KidRunner is the only jogging stroller that gives you these advantages. It is designed so you can run with kids the same way you run without them; hands and arms free, upright posture and a healthy foot strike. These KidRunner advantages reduce injury and increase performance. That's why parents all over the world are running more than ever with their kids, training for races and crossing finish lines with new personal bests.  

Effect of Upper Body and Arm Swing on Running Performance:
  • Running without arm motion requires at least 12% more metabolic energy
  • Ground impact on lower body and feet increases 63% without arms swinging; increasing lower and upper body injuries
  • Running/Walking with, “Opposite to Normal” arm phasing, common with traditional kid strollers and joggers increases metabolic rate by 26%


Five Years of R&D and Three US Patents - 

It required extensive R&D, testing and engineering to create the highest performing running stroller. KidRunner has three US Patents for jogging stroller design and performance. Our breakthrough was Harmonic Dampening; inspired by the aviation, aerospace and auto industries.

  • Harmonic what...? It's what makes many parent runners say, "It feels like KidRunner is floating behind me!". Harmonic Dampening is the KidRunner solution to make running with kids smooth, comfortable and safe. It makes the waist harness comfortable, the cockpit ride smooth and opens up multiple terrain for you and your jogging stroller. 

Most new parents stop running within one year of having a child citing heavy, awkward jogging strollers as one of the primary reasons. We are parent runners. We almost stopped running. But we love running. We love being with our kids. So we used great design and science to solve the limitations of jogging strollers. 

Join us. Run. Great.Together. 


An Incredible Journey -

An Incredible Journey -

For Jan-Caspar and KidRunner, it's the journey that matters. 

From the start, KidRunner was designed with a dream. To make the impossible possible. To love running with your kids. To explore the world. To be together. To use innovation and technology to define your own goals. Sometimes that means a 5K personal best. Sometimes it means running thousands of miles with nothing but your KidRunner and 65 lbs of gear. Destination....? 

When we designed, built and tested KidRunner we knew it had to be safe, tough and versatile. Elite runners, every day mom/dad athletes and our core team of engineers ran hundreds of miles in every condition. Luckily we did. Because Jan-Caspar is running a nearly a marathon a day on his journey from Canada, south. He's on roads, trails and whatever is in front of him in whatever weather comes. 

You can follow Jan-Caspar's incredible journey on Instagram at jclloo21 and his blog. Share your enthusiasm for a road less traveled. For a spirit of adventure. For challenging what's possible. For inspiring us all.