Safety, Technology & Design

What makes KidRunner different?

There are dozens of published and peer reviewed studies on the benefits of natural form running. KidRunner is the only kid jogger that delivers what the science has proven; using your entire body including your hands, arms and upper body increases bio-mechanic performance by at least 20% while reducing lower back, shoulder, elbow and foot strike injuries.  We used a lot of science. Runners say, "it feels like magic".

KidRunner has three US patents for it's Harmonic Dampening Solution (HDS). HDS enables safe, comfortable, high performance, multi-terrain running for parents and their kids.

  • KidRunner is made from advanced, "smart composite" materials innovated in the aviation, aerospace and auto racing industries. They are light, strong and incredibly resilient. 
  • KidRunner is the lightest jogging stroller in the world at only 19 lbs; almost 50% lighter than most other jogging strollers.
  • KidRunner is the world's only bio-mechanically designed kid jogger. It enables parents to return to the running they love; natural, high performance, fewer injuries and multi-terrain.
  • KidRunner can be used with children between the ages of 6 months and approx 4/4.5 years old.


Existing Customers

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