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The newly released KidRunner is perfect for the serious runners out there. Physical therapists and professional runners, including ultra-runner Max King, have put their mark of approval on it. Unlike a stroller, where you have to sacrifice your running form by pushing, the KidRunner is designed so that you are pulling your child with a specially designed harness attached to your waist...


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Stop pushing, just pull. What sets KidRunner apart from the others is that you pull instead of pushing, which makes running with a stroller much easier. What’s great is that this is hands free, so your running form doesn’t have to be sacrificed. You may think that this could cause bumps and discomfort for your kids, but with many trial and errors, KidRunner has finally mastered a smooth ride for your little ones, with plenty of protection, and comfort for you as you wear the waist harness.


"A Jogging Stroller Unlike You've Ever Seen" - Competitor Running

It was four years of endless tweaking, of back-to-the-drawing-board frustration, of testing and re-testing, of behind-the-scenes grinding that was both exhausting and exciting. In just 33 minutes and 20 seconds, those four years of efforts were validated for the KidRunner team. That was the time it took for professional runner Max King to cross the finish line in first place at the BigFoot 10K last September. His 2-year-old daughter, Hazel, was a fraction of a second behind him, sitting in an egg-shaped jogging stroller unlike anything you’ve ever seen...


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