Assembly & Performance Tuning

Welcome to KidRunner. We are excited to have you join a growing community of great parent runners doing amazing things with their KidRunners. 

Assembly & Tuning Guide

Plan to take about 30 min to 1 hr familiarizing yourself with the assembly content, the HOW TO video and the assembly.

Download the Assembly & Tuning Guide (PDF)


Sunshade Installation

Some text about the sunshade installation


Tail Light Installation

your tail light comes with two elastic bands. The small one fits the crossbar on the back of your Kidrunner.  See the pics below for installation.  


Tire Pressure Recommendations

For reasons of shipping, your KidRunner tires come deflated.  

the tire manufacture states 55-65 psi.  We have had success with lower tire pressures due to the lighter weight of your KidRunner.  feel free to experiment with tire pressure but keep in mind that low tire pressure can cause flats!  

Existing Customers

Thanks for being a part of the KidRunner family. Get more out of you KidRunner by purchasing BIKE™, SKI™ or RUN™ Conversion Kits and enjoy KidRunner year-round.