Your NexGen KidRunner is Around the Corner - PRE-ORDER COMMUNITY

Your NexGen KidRunner is Around the Corner - PRE-ORDER COMMUNITY

Hello to the KidRunner pre-order community and all of the other parents interested in what we are doing at KidRunner. We hope that you are as happy as we are about Spring. It has been an unprecedented year for everybody and the change of weather feels like the beginning of other positive things to come. 

We love doing full video productions but I couldn’t wait this time; I had to share my excitement with you. My twelve year old daughter and original KidRunner test pilot gave me thumbs up when I asked if she thought an iPhone video would work instead. So here you go. A brief video up-date on the status of your pre-order!

 From the new waist harness to the safety reflective logos, we’re loving everything about your new KidRunner. When Runner's Word magazine ranked KidRunner as the best sport jogger, they said we needed to make a folding cockpit. We agreed and we did! The new folding cockpit, extra stuff storage, easy, quick release wheels and the integrated sun and rain cover are all new to your KidRunner.

Runner's World Rankings Link

But the innovative design and advanced materials that make KidRunner a sport vs a stroller are all the same! And we love putting it next to a version of how most people still run with their kids….!


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more product details with you but I couldn’t wait to share at least this quick up-date. Crazy supply chain constraints still persist throughout the COVID driven network and they continue to challenge our production partners. But we’re all doing our best and we appreciate your teamwork with us. We remain on track to get the first shipments out by the end of June but again, strange headwinds still swirl around aspects of production. 

We are focused on everything that we can control and we are very optimistic about those things we can’t. It sounds a lot like parenting!


Look for more up-dates and always feel free to contact us anytime!

All the best,

 Will Warne


KidRunner, Bend, OR

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