A Source of Inspiration and Well-being -

A Source of Inspiration and Well-being -

If you are a lucky entrepreneur, you partner with a great team of people to invent a product that has a positive impact on people's lives. Our aim has always been to transform sport and fitness for parents by designing great equipment that makes doing what they love possible. It matters to us because we believe that doing what you love with the people you love is a source of timeless and inspirational well-being. 

Nobody demonstrates these founding KidRunner principles better than Michelle @myjourneyjusttolive. Michelle is a mother of 3 who is determined to stay vital for herself, her kids and her family while fighting incurable stage 4 cancer. That's right; incurable cancer with 3 young kids. When Michelle first reached out to KidRunner to learn if she could use it to pull one of her kids while she pushed the other two, we first doubted her, then we knew she was the real deal then we started crying out of inspiration for her journey. 

We were honored to welcome Michelle to the KidRunner community. We were thrilled when we got her first photos and videos running with her family. We were awestruck when some of those runs took place in brutal NE Canada winter weather! But apparently, nothing stops Michelle. 

Thanks to Michelle and the entire KidRunner community of parents and adventurers who have partnered with us to share stories about what's possible when innovation and passion converge to create life changing experiences. 

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