What Bliss Looks Like -

What Bliss Looks Like -

This image of a parent and their co-pilot running together naturally along a beautiful river captivated and inspired us. In a single image, we see everything we've worked so hard to share with parents and families all over the world - The bliss of running. Being immersed in the outdoors. Feeling free. Sharing it with the people you love...your co-pilot. 

We always loved running; the bliss we felt after the hard earned first few miles of getting started. The sense that we were doing something good for ourselves and our community by investing a few minutes into wellbeing. We knew that after each run, we were likely a slightly better version of ourselves, at least for a moment...until we ran again. And we wanted to share all of that with our kids, our partners and our running communities. So we invented KidRunner. And images like this make all of the hard work feel worth it!

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