Test, Test, Test -

Test, Test, Test -

We never stop testing. Ten years ago, my then 6 month old daughter and I took the first test run in the first version of what would become the world record breaking KidRunner. At the time, it was far from obvious that we could even make it down the street! That KidRunner was made from taking apart two other strollers, zip ties, duct tape and a tool belt from Amazon. I had to wait for my wife, who is a pediatrician, to leave to work so she wouldn't see me turning our precious baby daughter into a test pilot. You can see video clips of that first run here -

The KidRunner Story

Since then, we've logged countless miles testing KidRunner. This weekend, I had the great fun of continuing to push the envelope of the newest KidRunner release. I was joined by KidRunner world record holder and Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier Lyndy Davis. We did speed trials on a local high school track - 

Speed Trials

We loaded the KidRunner up with lots of weight and went off-roading

And as parents, we know that you are not always running with KidRunner. A lot of the time, you are simply trying to juggle dozens of plates at the same time, fold the cockpit and get it back in your car...in fact, a really tiny car! 


Thanks for being part of this epic journey with us!


Will Warne


KidRunner, Bend, OR

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