RUN. Meet SKI.

RUN. Meet SKI.

We're excited to introduce the world's highest performing jogging stroller to its newest sibling, KidRunner SKI. KidRunner SKI is the only performance sports solution designed specifically for Nordic Skiing . Other ski trailers started with a walking stroller. Not KidRunner. We started by reinventing everything from the design to the materials. A few US patents, a world record and active parents all over the world are the dreams come true. 

We always knew we'd tackle Nordic Skiing for parents. Why? Because like running with kids, traditional ski trailers are heavy and awkward. And even worse, they don't allow the bio-mechanic performance every active person wants. Running is a sport. Skiing is a sport. And now, there is sports equipment for both! 

We invested the same time, R&D and field testing in SKI that we did in RUN. Elite and casual Nordic Skiers tested it side by side with today's other brands. It wasn't even close. KidRunner SKI is nearly 10 lbs lighter. It is the only ski solution with a center located waist harness enabling total, natural hip, core and arm rotation while skiing. The cockpit adjusts back and forth to allow kids to either watch or sleep while you ski. It is warm, cozy and safe with a wrap around cockpit and a five point seat harness. The skis rotate independently for agility and multi-terrain access. 

How does SKI work with RUN? If you own a KidRunner RUN, the SKI package easily converts your existing KidRunner to a high performance Nordic Ski trailer; perfect for kids or touring gear. The components easily pack down and the skis quick release to the cockpit. It takes minutes to set up and easily fits in the trunk/back of most cars. We made it fast, lightweight and easy to use.  We love to ski not futz around with hardware and parts...especially when we are cold! 

KidRunner SKI will be very limited edition in 2019. We're excited about sharing it with you. And thanks to our global network of partners, parents and testers who helped bring to KidRunner SKI to life. Just in time for a great winter of skiing with our kids! 


 Ski. Together. That's KidRunner. 



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