Reindeer Fast - HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Reindeer Fast - HAPPY HOLIDAYS

KidRunner was designed for everyday mom/dad runners and elite athletes. Oh, yeah and reindeer! In fact, KidRunner has been raced by pirates, tutu wearing princesses and a Ninja Mutant Turtle! The costumes may change but the race results never do; to date, every KidRunner has come first in every family race category. Sometimes, it beats everybody else too! Elite runner Max King beat 200 other runners to cross the finish line first and last year, another KidRunner reindeer was spotted at the Portland Half Marathon finish front of 4,000 other runners.


Costumes are fun. And so are blistering fast times. Reindeer Ryan crossed the Portland Half Marathon finish line in 1:20...wearing horns and a red nose! And he wasn't the last. Since then, other reindeer, pirates and ninja turtles have raced personal bests and won races; with their kids giggling and crowds cheering. Designing great sports equipment was our mission. Winning a race in a costume...BONUS! 



No matter what costume you wear, you'll always be faster with a KidRunner. It's the lightest, most advanced running stroller in the world. When is the last time you saw Rudolph pushing Santa's Stroller? Santa and Rudolph already knew what sports science has proven; pulling is the highest performing way to move a sled or a stroller. For runners, it's at least 20% more efficient to pull than to push. It also seems to be better for your body because your form is better; up-right, driving from your core with hands, arms...or hoofs, moving naturally. It's the way humans and reindeer were designed to run. 


As 2018 wraps up, we want to say, "Thank You" to all of the parents, kids and Team | KidRunner athletes who have inspired us and others by using KidRunner for what it was designed for; to share the things you love doing with your kids. 

For KidRunner, it has been an amazing 2018. And we're just getting started. Keep an eye out for reindeer, pirates and ninja turtles using KidRunner | NORDIC and KidRunner | BIKE in 2019!

Happy Holidays,

Team KidRunner,

Bend, OR


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