Our KidRunner Parents Inspire Us -

Our KidRunner Parents Inspire Us -

We feel tremendous gratitude for the KidRunner Community that inspires us and others everyday. They run, race and challenge themselves to keep doing the things they love; even when it's harder than ever. These photo say it all. 

Yes, we are in challenging times. We are parents, too. We're trying to figure out day care, home school and new ways to stay close to the people we love. And like every other challenge in our lives, staying active has been essential to our shared sense of well being. Photos like these remind us that none of us is ever alone. 

KidRunner has crossed more finish lines in the last 12 months than ever before. It's won every, "stroller" category and in many cases, flat out wins the race regardless of category. I've been lucky enough to join some of our parents on races. I've taken secret pride when I see the surprised faces of people being passed by a flying mom or dad with a KidRunner. 

Twelve days after the nationwide lock downs, KidRunner sold out of our last inventory. We're using the time to unscramble our supply chain and get ready to launch the NexGen KidRunner in early Spring, '21. There will always be challenges. We're happy to be part of overcoming them with you. 

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