Moms Talk Shop -

Moms Talk Shop -

We invented KidRunner to create new opportunities for parents to enjoy physical activity with their kids. Physical activity is key to well being. Becoming a new parent challenges nearly every assumption you had about what's possible as an active person and athlete. Then comes a pandemic! 

IG Live:

Now, dozens of KidRunner families are confronted with challenges that they never imagined. In this, our first Instagram Live experiment, two KidRunner moms, "Talk Shop" about what it's like navigating the current world of homeschool, jobs and their love of running and family. We loved the honesty, humor and self deprecation of two moms trying to make it work! 

Sarah Mac and Lyndy Davis, two USA Olympic Trials Marathoners exclusively use KidRunner when running with their kids. 

Look for more Instagram Live conversations about parenting, running and making it all work! 

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