Sharing Stories - Two KidRunner Moms Share Their Experiences

Sharing Stories - Two KidRunner Moms Share Their Experiences

Running is the most popular sport in the world. The only thing people do more of is parenting. We invented KidRunner to combine these two passions in a great way. We love to run. We love being parents. But until there was a better way to do both together, we weren't satisfied with the status quo. Traditional jogging strollers are heavy, awkward, prone to injury and very limited on terrain. KidRunner changed all of that. And as we'd hoped, it turns out we weren't alone. Today, there are KidRunner parents in over 30 US states and over 15 EU countries. Not only are they running thousands of miles with their kids, they are sharing their stories of being a new parent, a runner and trying to balance it all -

"Hi Rebecca,

I understand your pain - pushing is hard work and hurts the wrists/back/stride. It's a good "workout" to push and stroller, but it doesn't really feel free like running. Pulling is so much more powerful and natural. I seriously feel like myself again when run with the KidRunner.
Within 2 weeks of having the KidRunner I actually did a fast tempo pace workout on a bike path, I never would have tried that with a push stroller in fear of risking injury. I am now training for a February marathon (USA Olympic Trials) and run about 50% of my training runs with my 25 lb baby in tow. I'm stronger than ever, happy to include my baby, guilt free, and not dreading runs.
Hope that helps. I highly recommend getting a KidRunner. I'm a fitter/happier runner mom because of it!
PS - my kid loves it. I regularly do 10mile runs and he's totally happy for that distance (watches me and babbles). Also, we raced a half marathon, he did great!"
Lyndy Davis, Olympic Marathon Qualifier, Oiselle Athlete, KidRunner World Record Setter, Portland, OR 2019
"Hello Rebecca, 
"I have run with many other jogging strollers and it made me hate running with my kids. After our 3rd child, (and a few strollers later) I bit the bullet and bought a KidRunner. I haven't looked back sense! I actually enjoy taking the family with me, because I don't feel like I have to sacrifice my running to do so. KidRunner is much easier to run with with. You can use your arms, which are important in running. There's no hunch over the push stroller and your stride can stay the same. I feel it shortens a little when using a push stroller.
The KidRunner is much lighter than any other stroller on the market and my kids love it! They fight over who is going to be in the kidRunner. My 5 year old still wants to ride in it. I think it helps they can see me as well as see around them too. What I hated about traditional jogging strollers is how my form changed and how much strain it caused on the upper body. It was liking pushing bricks, and when you can't use your arms (especially on an uphill) this is no fun! I have run a half marathon with my KidRunner and I don't think I would ever attempt one with a traditional stroller.
KidRunners are extremely well built as well and they can be used for multiple sports. It brought the joy back to running for me again and it makes it much easier to share with the family. I thought it would be a long transition to the KidRunner, but honestly it's not. At first it feels funny, but only because you are used to pushing - then you realize your stride is the same and it feels natural. You only feel a little pull when going uphill, but you get that with any type of stroller. It goes with you and stops with you. You may have to take turns a little easier than you would when running by yourself, but that's expected."
Bryanna Petrie, Sub 3 hr marathoner, mom of three kids
These are the stories that KidRunner parents tell that make it all worth it to us. Their experiences were the same motivation we had when we decided to solve the opportunity of great running with kids. Nobody tells it better than the parents running the miles with their kids. And each story weaves the now global KidRunner community even closer. 
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