KidRunner Parents Share Their Stories

KidRunner Parents Share Their Stories

KidRunner parents all over the world are sharing their stories about balancing life, parenting, fitness and personal goals. They echo all of the reasons we invented the first and only great way to run with kids; hands and arms free, multi-terrain and high performance. Until KidRunner, parent runners were forced to trade off between their love of running and the demands of balancing parenting. Traditional jogging strollers simply can't do what KidRunner does for parents and their kids. 

Here's what parents are saying - 

  • Q: What's been KidRunner's biggest benefit to you as a parent runner?
  • A: It's so easy to run with my daughter now. I'm not trying to find someone to watch her so I can go running. Now, we go together. Now he likes running as much as I do. Now we race together! 


  • Q: What are your favorite things about your KidRunner? 
  • A: My favorite things are I'm hands and arms free and I can hear my son and talk to him while we are running. I didn't realize how much he had to say when we were running until now! 

  • Q: What's been KidRunner's biggest benefit to you as a parent runner?
  • A: Because my time is limited to run, work and be with my daughter, I enjoy that KidRunner gives me the opportunity to get my workout while still being present with my daughter. My goal as a parent runner is to run 2-3 times per week with my kids vs virtually never with my old jogging stroller. 

  • Q: What inspires you most about your KidRunner? 
  • A: I want to show other moms and dads that you can keep running with your kids while balancing all of the other new demands as a parent. I needed to run and stay fit more than ever after having my first child; it was as much mental as physical health for me. KidRunner kept me in the game and I know other parents confront the same challenges. 
  • Q: How would you characterize your life of running as a parent?
  • A: I love being active with my family and KidRunner has transformed our running experience as a family. 

These and dozens of other comments and reviews are available on our web site, on Strava and on-line. Why do parents feel this way about KidRunner vs the 50% of parents who stop running within 6 months of buying traditional jogging strollers? Because KidRunner is the only jogging stroller intentionally designed to run great with kids. Other jogging strollers were designed to be walked/pushed but not as sports equipment. Ultra-lightweight, advanced materials and full body freedom generates the most performance and freedom of any jogging stroller. 

Technology and design make it possible. Parents and their kids make it worth it! 




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