KidRunner Loves Racing and so do Kids!

KidRunner Loves Racing and so do Kids!

KidRunner parents and their co-pilots love to race. Hands free jogging stroller; high performance and super versatile. We also love to collaborate with our community to host race events like the recent Bend Marathon in Bend, OR on April 10th.  And don't forget...KidRunner reimburses all race entry fees when our parents run with their KidRunners. 

We cheer on every new parent who finds the time and energy to run with their kids. And we stand up and cheer like crazy when those same parents run 5K’s, 10K’, Half and Full Marathons sometimes winning not just their age/gender groups but sometimes, beating everybody and coming in first place…with a running stroller!

And how do kids learn that they might love to run, too? KidRunner hosted the Bend Marathon Kids Race; a 1.5 mile race to glory, fueled by chocolate chip cookies, bananas and the occasional pink feather boa!

We’d never hosted an event like this and we didn’t know what to expect. Fifteen minutes before the race, dozens of kids were doing what kids do…rambling around the event playing, laughing and driving their siblings crazy. But that’s the beauty of kids; in the moment energy ready for action.

Within minutes, dozens of kids from 4 years old to 10 years old excitedly assembled with their race bibs; many having requested their favorite numbers and birthday months. Some last minute parent pep talks, one quick diaper change and off they ran! Several minutes later, the race to the finish line was in full force!


KidRunner was invented because we think parents, kids and communities feel better when they are doing the things that they love, together.

We know it’s hard to balance everything; especially new parenting with fitness. That’s why we made KidRunner the first hands free jogging stroller. It's the fastest, lightest, easiest to assemble and highest performance running stroller in the world. Run a mile. Run a marathon. Jog or get a personal best. We’ll always cheer you on!


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