Parenting and Running - A Shared Love

Parenting and Running - A Shared Love

Every KidRunner parent and family has their own goals; keep running, get back to running or start running as a family for the first time. Or just share the world. Together. We love watching Bryanna and family seem use their KidRunner for all of these things. 

Every week, Team | KidRunner ambassasdor, Bryanna shares an inspiring photo or story about her love of running. Her love of family. And her love of doing it all. Together. 

It's why we invented KidRunner. We're parent runners, too. We love to run. We need to run. And we love being parents. Bryanna and her family remind us that the crazy journey of innovation and invention were worth it. Great running. Together. Thanks, Bryanna! You can follow Bryanna on Instagram at @wholesomelybry


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