If You Love Adventure, Mexico and KidRunner -

If You Love Adventure, Mexico and KidRunner -

If pictures tell a thousand stories, a video can tell even more. If you love adventure, Mexico and KidRunner, this video is worth taking a few minutes to watch - 

Jonas Deichmann Runs Across Mexico with KidRunner 

Admittedly, we didn't anticipate KidRunner becoming the go to equipment for ultra runners around the world. But each one of them has inspired us beyond words with their images of people, terrain and incredible endurance. To date, KidRunner has run from Canada to South America and across parts of Europe and Australia. Jonas's trip across Mexico is the second for KidRunner in less than 36 months! 

Jonas's trip is especially emotional for me. I grew up back and forth between Mexico and the US. My dad worked and lived their throughout my childhood. I later returned to live in Mexico City and start my own business there. I've been fortunate to travel, live and work all over the world.

With deep love and respect for every culture I've ever visited, Mexico holds a special place in my heart. Mexico and Mexicans are among the most beautiful, generous and creative forces on the planet. And based on the incredible images that Jonas is sharing, I'm confident that he is getting a deep sense of that himself. 

Willy Nelson, Mexico and Community - 


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