Size and Durability of Your KidRunner -

Size and Durability of Your KidRunner -

Understandably, we get a lot of questions about the height and weight capabilities of KidRunner. People also want to know about durability. Parents want to use their KidRunner for a long as possible and they want their kids to be comfortable while they do it. The more comfortable any kid, the more comfortable any parent! 

What better way to find out the max size and weight than measuring my own co-pilot; 6 year old Grace. She has been riding in, "her" KidRunner since she was 4 months old. I used to find her sitting in it on the living room floor between runs; cozy. Kids love it. 

I think Grace is now the perfect example of the edge of the size envelope. KidRunner is generally not limited by weight. You can haul > 100lbs easily. In fact, we've loaded it up with camping and beach supplies and had our kids manage it with 95 lbs of gear. Easy. 

KidRunner comfort is more defined by kid height. Grace is 47 lbs and 47 inches tall. She still loves it and still fits well. She has to bend her knees more than she used to, i.e. coach class vs economy plus or first class. But very comfortable and no middle seat! 

What about durability? KidRunner is made of hardened aluminum and the same poly/carbon material that NASCAR and the US Military use to strengthen race cars and tanks. KidRunner's design, construction and materials will last as many kids as you can still run with. We have some evidence of this already. Jan Caspar ran from Canada to South America, 10,000 km's pulling 75 lbs of gear nearly a marathon a day for over a year; including on dirt roads. The only parts he had to replace were tires! 

So don't give up running because your kid is too big or the road is too long. KidRunner was invented to keep doing the things you love with your kids as long as possible. Join us!


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