An Invitation to Be Inspired -

An Invitation to Be Inspired -

KidRunner was created to give more Freedom and Adventure to people who want to discover new possibilities for themselves, their families and their communities. Now parents all over the world are calling KidRunner a, "game changer" because they can do what they love the way they love to do it; great running and exploring.

Jan Caspar's incredible journey from Canada to South America with nothing but his KidRunner and 65 lbs of gear symbolizes our goals of Freedom and Adventure. 


We invite everybody, whether you are a KidRunner runner or not, to follow and support Jan Caspar's journey. Jan Caspar is a 7 time Iron Man who is using his goodwill, deep intention and endurance to explore the outer limits of what's possible as a human and as an athlete. His blog posts are informative and beautiful. Many of them are metaphors for how to approach life in general. He only asks from himself on this journey. 

You can follow Jan Caspar via: 

Instagram - jcloo21 #BEYONDAPPARENT

For those of you interested in KidRunner's design, performance, durability and versatility, we invite you to consider some of the metrics of Jan Caspar's KidRunner demands - 

  • 65 + lbs of camping/support gear
  • Dozens of miles run each day; sometimes more than a marathon per day! 
  • High bio-mechanical performance and comfort
  • All conditions and multi-terrain; roads, beaches, etc. 
  • Climbing and downhill (sometimes for miles!) 
  • Safety

Parent's ask us, "Is KidRunner durable?", "Is KidRunner safe?", "Can I run long distances with my kid and KidRunner?", "Is KidRunner comfortable?"....As designers, inventors and parent runners ourselves, our commitment since day one was to say, "YES!" to each of those questions. Jan Caspar and parents all over the world are sharing their own incredible answers!











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