An Incredible Journey -

An Incredible Journey -

For Jan-Caspar and KidRunner, it's the journey that matters. 

From the start, KidRunner was designed with a dream. To make the impossible possible. To love running with your kids. To explore the world. To be together. To use innovation and technology to define your own goals. Sometimes that means a 5K personal best. Sometimes it means running thousands of miles with nothing but your KidRunner and 65 lbs of gear. Destination....? 

When we designed, built and tested KidRunner we knew it had to be safe, tough and versatile. Elite runners, every day mom/dad athletes and our core team of engineers ran hundreds of miles in every condition. Luckily we did. Because Jan-Caspar is running a nearly a marathon a day on his journey from Canada, south. He's on roads, trails and whatever is in front of him in whatever weather comes. 

You can follow Jan-Caspar's incredible journey on Instagram at jclloo21 and his blog. Share your enthusiasm for a road less traveled. For a spirit of adventure. For challenging what's possible. For inspiring us all. 

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