A New World Record and a Family Win!

A New World Record and a Family Win!

As parent runners and inventors, we did not set out to break a world record. Our dream was to create the best, highest performing jogging stroller so parents could love running with their kids. On July 4th, 2019, KidRunner mom, Lyndy Davis proved both are possible! Lyndy Day and her son Quintin thrilled their family and a large crowd of runners and spectators in Portland, OR when they crushed the former jogging stroller world record by more than a mile. That’s right...more than a mile! 

Having her baby be a part of the race made all the difference. “It really was like bringing together both worlds,” she told Runner’s World, “knowing that we were trying to do something together instead of having my old life, before the baby, be compartmentalized.”

Runner’s World

Lyndy said it best at the finish line: “WE DID IT! Ran a world record pace: fastest female half marathon pulling hands-free stroller. 1:21:38. Quentin had a good day - babbled, napped and enjoyed the summer breeze”.

KidRunner’s global community of parents cheered them on and Lyndy’s followers shared amazing inspiration, “Wow!! As a fellow mom runner with stroller, this is super impressive!!! Way to go mama!”. 

Lyndy’s story and her world record success are even more inspiring because of the personal challenges Lyndy determined to overcome by finding a way to keep running as a new mom. It was never just about fitness and winning. Running for Lyndy is a way of life and a core part of her sense of emotional well being. As expecting and then new parents, we all hope to be our best all the time. But reality can be different. The most inspired parents can confront emotional and physical challenges that they never expected. We were humbled that Lyndy shared her postpartum journey with us and the world. And we honored that KidRunner played a role in helping her navigate the sometimes rocky road between our lives before kids and after. 

“Even though she was physically recovered from childbirth, Davis had essentially given up on her running. She was getting out only once or twice each week, and mainly walking. Her coach, Rick Lovett, saw empty blocks where she usually color-coded a Google calendar with details on her training. When her three-month maternity leave ended—she works full-time in marketing for HP’s online business—she reached a breaking point. Realizing what she was experiencing was beyond baby blues, Davis sought out a therapist to help her cope with postpartum depression.”

Lyndy’s story embodies everything about why KidRunner exists. When we were new parents, we struggled to keep up with our emotional and physical sense of well being at the exact moment when we needed both more than ever! We love running because it made us feel great about life. Running was part of how we’d bonded as a couple before and after we got married. It was a big part of how we managed stress. And there was no time in our life we needed to lean on those benefits of running than the first few years of being new parents. But traditional jogging strollers were not made for running. They were made for walking and shopping. We wanted to RUN! So we started inventing. And KidRunner was born. 

Does a world record feel great? Absolutely! To envision, design and share the highest performing sports equipment for parent runners is one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done. But to help change and improve people’s lives is at the core of our vision. It’s why we do what we do everyday. Lyndy Davis and KidRunner parents all over the world are sharing their incredible stories from simply getting back to running to winning a world record. At KidRunner, if you are loving running with your kids, you are always winning! 

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