3,000 Miles Across the US with his KidRunner -

3,000 Miles Across the US with his KidRunner -

We are so inspired by the incredible journey of Jonas Deichmann as he sets off on an epic adventure, running across the United States with the KidRunner after already having run across Mexico with a KidRunner. It's a story of determination, great attitude, technology, and pushing the limits.

🌎 Jonas Deichmann is not your ordinary athlete – he's a five time world record holding adventurer, explorer, and trailblazer. With an insatiable thirst for challenges, Jonas has taken on some of the most audacious feats around the world. Now, he's running across the US with KidRunner after having already biked from NYC to Los Angeles. And he does all of it with grace, a sense of humor and community. 

🏃‍♂️KidRunner is no ordinary running gear. It's a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows runners to pull their load effortlessly, maximizing efficiency and comfort. As Jonas hits the open roads, he's accompanied by this innovative technology, which enables him to cover more ground, push through the elements, and keep his focus on the journey ahead.

Join the adventure on his social media channels and witness the breathtaking sights, the challenges overcome, and the stories that unfold along the way. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and amazed by this extraordinary accomplishment. And if your a KidRunner family, check to see if he runs through your town and join him. He loves company! 

📸 Follow Jonas: Instagram: @Jonas_Deichmann and check out his life story at www.JonasDeichmann.com


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