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Fork plate screws

Fork plate screws

Team KidRunner
We are getting a lot of great feedback about your KidRunners. We are also getting some questions about the bolts, specifically the four FORK plate bolts. As a start up with an innovative product, we are totally committed to understanding the issue and making it right for you ASAP. 
Ref the FORK plate bolts, we have two immediate recommendations: 
  • Stop running with your KidRunner until we can send you replacement FORK plate bolts on Monday of next week. 
  • Go to your local hardware store and replace the FORK plate bolts w four, M6x25mm bolts with four locking nuts.  Those are the same parts we would be replacing for you on Monday. The parts would cost < $5.00 which we would compensate each of you for. You'd keep the same washers already provided. 
Of course we are disappointed that any of you has had anything but a great experience with a product that we deeply believe in. We've never had any issues with these bolts but clearly something is different about what is happening. 
Keep the feedback coming; the good and the question marks. We are also available anytime at 510-206-6590 and on SKYPE if we need to help walk through any thing. 
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you. 


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