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KidRunner RUN™

$795.00 USD $895.00 USD saving $100.00 USD

KidRunner RUN™

KidRunner RUN™

$795.00 USD $895.00 USD saving $100.00 USD


Special KidRunner Price, $100 Savings.  Available for Immediate Delivery

KidRunner RUN is an ultra-light, multi-terrain hands-free jogging stroller and running trailer that gives you the freedom you want while running with the people you love. Hands and arms free. The best way to run. Period. 

KidRunner uses patented technology, design and advanced materials to create the highest performing running experience with kids. There are dozens of studies on the benefits of hands and arms free running; naturally. KidRunner is the only kid jogger that delivers what science has proven; using your entire body including your hands, arms and upper body improves bio-mechanic performance while reducing lower back, shoulder, elbow and foot strike injuries.  

    Run Together. Celebrate together. 



    Product info

    KidRunner RUN™
    • Natural running

      Hands and arms free running generates the highest, most efficient performance for runners. Period. It reduces injury and is the most versatile. It's why we invented KidRunner. 

    • Terrain

      Multi-terrain running is freedom. Only KidRunner takes you there. Run on dirt, trails, beaches. Explore. 

    • What do Kids think?

      Kids love it! They interact and participate in a shared experience. Parents run miles, cross finish lines and do personal best times...with their kids cheering them on.  

    • Experience

      Freedom. Performance. Versatility. These are the experiences that define KidRunner for parent runners. "KidRunner is a game changer." Anthony D. 

    Technical specifications

    • 19lbs light

      KidRunner is sports equipment so we used advanced materials and innovative design to make it ultra-lightweight; only 19 lbs. 

    • HDS damping system

      KidRunner has three US patents for it's Harmonic Dampening Solution (HDS). HDS enables safe, comfortable, high performance, multi-terrain running for parents and their kids. Physics. Magic. Both. 

    • Waist Harness

      The waist harness is lightweight, durable, breathable and ergonomically designed. It fits waist sizes 26" to 46". The harness includes an integrated, quick release dog leash tether to run with your dog.  

    • Materials

      Carbon composites, 6061-t6 aluminum space frame, sealed stainless bearings and magnesium spokeless wheels are just some of the features of what makes a KidRunner innovative.